ME in the family

On this page you will find writings by several ME parents, and some translations from Norwegian media.
We’re both honoured and proud to publish other people’s texts.
Thank you, all!

Parents unitedAll these texts are translated from Norwegian originals. We will translate when we have the capacity, please be patient.

Honest on having a child with ME
I went for walks in the evening and cried


Common misconceptions concerning ME-patients and their families

The Shoes Waiting.
Conclusion: M.E. He is 8.
I didn’t believe it. That a young boy could get that sick. For so long.
Dear Doctor. A poem about the friendly doctor who might not understand it all.
The Diagnosis. This was the day I became an ME mum.
My Beloved Child
What do we need from the doctor? Doctors appointment.
When everybody, including ourselves are very concerned.  Concerning concerns
How to cope when your child keeps getting worse?  Ode to the Computer Keyboard.
About a dusty piano and a pianist on pause The piano.
Trying to answer some of all the advices we get repeatedly in All those “good” advice!
Here you may read about the support of the fellowship of ME mums.
What happens when the children never get better?
On behalf of the children

My son suffers from ME: A series of posts written by Hanne R. Her teenage son has ME.

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