To make it easier for our English Readers, we will gather our translations of lectures, articles etc from Norwegian to English on this page, in addition to some links to good Foreign web sites (also found on the page «Om ME». Parents united

¤ NOK 30 million for research June 2017

¤ Lecture by Norwegian Dr Hanne Thürmer, Notodden. RituxME and current Development
A very interesting and also promising lecture on ME by Dr Hanne Thürmer, senior consultant in the field of internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases and researcher on ME, published in agreement with Dr Thürmer.
Also in Norwegian. (April 2016)

¤ Article by Norwegian professor Saugstad et al: What exactly is myalgic encephalitis? (På norsk under Om ME på norsk.)

Links to web sites in English
The Young ME Sufferers’ Trust (TYMES Trust)
¤ The Hummingbird’s Foundation for ME
¤ Invest in ME

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