19 applications for ME research

For our international readers who are eager to know what is happening with the announcement of  NOK 30 millions for CFS/ME Research where patients/ME organizations are involved in the process, we have translated the part of The Norwegian Research Council’s web post that focuses on the ME applications

«It was a great deal of excitement regarding the announcement “Needs Identified Research on CFS/ME», where three different programs are contributing funds. Through public announcement the Research Council will try out a procedure of «Needs Identified research». This pilot project will fund research that is particularly demanded by patients and the results should relatively quickly be taken into use in health care services.


All priority areas covered
– We are very pleased with the result of the announcement. We received 19 applications, and are very pleased, says Mari Kristine Nes, special advisor in the Research Council’s Department of Health.


– In the announcement there were four priority areas: Causes, Treatment, Mapping and studies on development (forløpsstudier), Services and follow-up. All areas in the announcement are covered, and there seems to be an even distribution of the four.

What’s next?

The application deadline November 23rd was the first step of what will be a 2-step application process. Now the user-panel will go through the applications and give their advises on which applications should proceed to step two. The deadline for submission of the complete application will be in March 2017. These applications will be evaluated by a panel of international experts before the final decision on which projects should receive funding are made.»


Om ME-foreldrene

ME-foreldrene drives av foreldre til barn og unge med ME. Vi samarbeider om å øke innsikt og forståelse for vår og våre barns situasjon. Støtter biomedisinsk ME-forskning. Vi har nylig stiftet foreningen ME-foreldrene, og vil åpne for innmelding i løpet av kort tid. Du finner oss på facebook.com/ME-foreldrene og på Twitter som @MEforeldrene. Les mer under «Om oss» og «Hjem».
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  1. helenshirley sier:

    Excellent news! Well done, I hope these projects will get us closer to the light on ME!! Thank you.

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